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The Concert Hall Mural
Photographic Conservation Survey
July 2015

The Concert Hall Mural was painted by Robert Overy, fellow of the Royal Society of Art and member of staff at Dr Morgan's Grammar School. It was added in 1950 when the hall was modernised. A new floor was constructed, a deeper stage and modern lighting installed and the new proscenium was specially comissioned (containing the mural) to suit the new scheme. (Squibbs' History of Bridgwater, 1982, p.134). The scheme seems to have been updated at a later time, when the new town coat of arms was added, this only being granted by the College of Heralds in 1952 (Ibid., p.135).

It is about eight and a half foot tall, extending to about ten in the centre, and covers most of the width of the hall, about 30 foot in total.

It is painted on large sections of soft board. When it was last cleaned about thirty years ago by the Borough Council it was apparently taken down from the wall, it being attached by a series of nails (pers comm.)

The artist's signature in the bottom right corner.

The artist's signature int he base of the Blake Statue.

The whole image from the right.

The whole image from the left.

The left portion.

Detail of the frame.

Detail on the apparent grime.

Detail on wear at the board joins.

Detail of damage.

Detail of the left hand ship.

Painting of the Admiral Blake Statue

Detail of the base.

Dirt, grime and wear.

Dirt, grime and wear.

Detail of the Spanish Castle.

The central roundel. The arms at the centre appear to be on an additional board over the top, presumably added when the town coat of arms were granted. Note crack on the left.

Lower section of the roundel wreath.

Detail of the later roundel edge.

Detail of the coat of arms.

A poor quality repair.

Damage to the newer roundel.

Perspective of the central roundel.


The right hand portion.

The right hand ship.

Grime on the fore sails.

Grime on the rear.

Wear between boards.

Riddled with cannon shot?

Detail of damage.

Detail of damage.

Detail of damage.

The right most section, showing grime.

Detail of the grime.

The whole within the hall.

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