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Bridgwater Heritage Section 215 in St Mary St and Fore St
Images of defective buildings taken on Heritage Open Day 8 September 2012

G & S News 28 St Mary Street. Believed to be owned DC Investments. Empty. Buddleia growing from under head of window and in gutter (choked). Plant growing from projecting wall above roof. Listed grade II. HER 14941
Former Graves High Street. Vegetation growing at high level - see detail below. Listed grade II. HER 14891
Detail Graves. Fern growing below cornice. Plant growing below cornice below left hand end of guttering. Vegetation overtopping guttering. Plant growing by chimney. Defective / inappropriate felt on dormer window.
Vodafone. 32 Fore St. Plant growing in parapet gutter, left hand side. Listed Grade II HER 14858
Britannia B/S Fore St by Town Bridge. Buddleia growing above window. Conservation area. Previously notified several times.
Detail of Britannia building. Profuse Buddleia growing below cornice

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