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Westover Scohool
Wembdon Road

The Wembdon Road Senior School, Westover, was completed in 1937, and initially took some 600 pupils, rising to over 900 by 1955. It closed as a senior school in 1978, and the buildings were taken over by Friarn, at which point it became a junior school. This building was demolished in the early 2000s, and a new school built on the former playground. The frontage along the Wembdon Road was developed into housing.

The buildings representing an interesting inter-war neoclassical style, with bright open rooms and broad windows for good ventilation. The plaque on the left of the door in the above photograph read: 'Borough of Bridgwater / this stone was laid by / Alderman S. Berry J. P. / Chairman of the Education Committee' With five more lines below dedicated to the committee. The plaque on the right of the door read: 'This School was opened by / the right honourable / Oliver Stanley M.C. M.P. / president of the Board of Edicuation / on February 12th 1937'.


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