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117a: Albert Street
No. 11 Court

Plot 117 was once a large rectangular piece of land, similar to the rest of the south side of Albert Street, but was divided in two by the construction of the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal.

On the eastern portion stands some of the oldest buildings in the area, althogh not the original court that occupied this site, which was referred to as Humber's Buildings. That court consisted of about eight dwellings. At somepoint they were replaced with these four, presumably sometime between the two world wars. Their relative spaciousness and modernity meant they were spared in the 1960s. They were referred to at that time as number 11 court.

In 1960 this was the only court still occupied in Albert Street. In number 1, 11 Court, lived Charles Edward Hamblin, in 2 was P Buckley Junior, in 3 was Walter Arthur Granfield and in 4 was J Rossi.

Kelly's Directory of Bridgwater and Neighbourhood, 1960.

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