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Ivy House Friarn Street
EH Designation Application

Two images ca. 1865 ©2012 digital images Blake Museum, by permission
Images of Ivy House June 2012 ©BDCS & P E Cattermole 10 June 2012.
Supplementary Images
  • One 11 June 2012
    East elevation showing gable with older brickwork, raised roof;
    N elevation with some older brick and straight joint dividing old house from newer
  • Two images plus one enlargement showing the old house and the niches. The enlargement shows that two of the garden niches contained statues, at least one of which is probably Euterpe, a Greek Muse. Added 10 October 2012.
In each file above, a larger image may be obtained by clicking on a smaller one
Miscellaneous documents
  • One pdf Two occupants and finds from 1917 11 June 2012
  • Two Occupant history 1830 to present 12 June 2012
Additional Information added 19-22 July
  • External niches in North Garden wall
  • Interior - older building
  • Interior - newer building
pdf of text to accompany Additional Information
pdf of Commentary and Evidence for Review
pdf of Conservation Area Plan showing Ivy House within CA
Report of the Land and Property Committee 1836 pp30-31 ©digital image Dr P E Cattermole 2012

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