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York & Son Friarn Street Bridgwater in 1895/6

Adapted from Ordnance Survey map

bldgs.jpg - 42Kb

Buildings A & B are shown in a photograph of 1878 (Squibbs No. 50)

Building A is still standing. It is panelled with tongued & grooved board.

Buildings C are described in the 1871 & 1898 Property Schedules as being a tool house, taken in with No. 32. They are demolished.

Building D is demolished. Because of its position, it may have been the negative store.

Building E is still standing. It contains some pipework. The dog-leg connexion to Building F has gone.

The base of Building F still exists. Its floor is at the same level as that of No. 32. Its west wall seems to have been built across the edge of the well.

Building G no longer exists.

Building H, shown hatched, and therefore glazed no longer exists, but traces of the roofline remain on the rear elevation of No. 32.

Building K was demolished probably ten years ago in order to provide a new extension to the rear of No. 30. A route into this building was provided from the inside of No. 32.

The purple outline represents the mediaeval outline of 32 Friarn Street.

The pale green outline is the unaltered boundary of No. 30.

Photographs of some of these buildings are known to exist in private ownership. Attempts are being made to obtain copies.

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