Bridgwater St Mary's Church Effigies at the North Elevation

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Ecclesiastical effigies to the left and right of the north door

Information from J Strutt.... ecclesiastical antiquities 1793

Strutt appears to have copied many of his images from the Queen Mary Psalter manuscript (Royal 2B vii, in the British Library).
Link to a British Library webpage which mentions the Queen Mary Psalter.

Publishing info
Publishing info
Preface BM detail
Preface BM detail
plate IX
Plate IX - note bottom frame Royal 2 B vii folio 294verso
Plate IX text
Plate IX text
Plate X
Plate X - note top frame Royal 2 B vii folio 295
Plate X text
Plate X text
struttpage download
struttpage download

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Photo: Becket Window: Meeting with the Pope, Chartres Cathedral Stained Glass, France
ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies he Avignon Papacy 1305 -1378 [two popes at this time]
Avignon Papacy - When the Popes Resided in France
1305-1314: Clement V
1316-1334: John XXII
1334-1342: Benedict XII
1342-1352: Clement VI
1352-1362: Innocent VI
1362-1370: Urban V
1370-1378: Gregory XI

Avignon Papacy - Wikipedia
Martin V at Pisa ca. 1409
Pope's head ca. 1400, Stege; Danish Choir north sect
Pope ca. 1440 Ballerup; Danish

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