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Thomas Bruce Dilks

An Eminent Bridgwater Historian


Obituary and Bibliography by Tony Woolrich
Bridgwater Borough Archives vols I to IV
Also published as Somerset Record Society
1200-1377 Vol 48 1933 Introduction
1377-1400 Vol 53 1938 Introduction
1400-1445 Vol 58 1943 Introduction
1445-1468 Vol 60 1945 Introduction
1468-1485 Vol 70 1971 (posthumously) Introduction
Presentation Certificate and Volume I from Bridgwater Borough Council 7 June 1934
Review of Volume 1 from the Bridgwater Mercury ca. 1933
Bridgwater Booklet Series
No. 1 - Pilgrims in Old Bridgwater by T Bruce Dilks
No. 2 - Bridgwater in Brief by T Bruce Dilks
No. 3 - The Siege of Bridgwater by C Trenchard
No. 4 - The Battle of Sedgemoor by M Page
No. 5 - Robert Blake, General-at-Sea by Rev. J R Powell
No. 6 - Charles James Fox and the Borough of Bridgwater
Other Books
T B Dilks, The Bridgwater Charter Day Song: London: J B Cramer & Co., 1926
T B Dilks, The Story of Bridgwater Parish Church, 1940
H Eardley Field and T Bruce Dilks,The parish of S. John Baptist, Bridgwater, 1846-1946, with some notes on the ancient hospital., 1946
T B Dilks, Some Documentary Oddments Somerset & Dorset Notes & Queries, Vol. 15 (123), 1918, pp 100-103; Vol 16 (124), 1919, pp 141-2 and Vol 24, 1946, pp 22-25
T B Dilks, The Burgesses of Bridgwater in the Thirteenth Century, Proc. SANHS 63, 1917
Also see a commentary here.
T B Dilks, Bridgwater wills, Proc. SANHS 66(2), 1922
T B Dilks, Medieval Bridgwater, The History Teachers' Miscellany, vol.III, 1925
T B Dilks, Bridgwater Insurrection of 1381, Proc. SANHS 73, 1927
T B Dilks, A lottery in Jacobean Bridgwater, Proc. SANHS 79, 1932
T B Dilks, The Bridgwater Carol, Western Gazette, 25 December, 1936
T B Dilks, Bridgwater Castle and Demesne towards the end of the Fourteenth Century, Proc. SANHS 87, 1940
Dilks' mss Transcription of the Briwere Charters
T B Dilks, Burgesses of medieval Bridgwater to 1300, typecript, in Somerset Studies Library
Poetry Collections
published by the East Gate Press
The Adamantine Island, 1902
A Village Muse, 1905
The Collected Verse of T Bruce Dilks, 1932
Twelve Sonnets, 1938
The Bridgwater Charter Day Song.

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