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Miscellany of the Eastover Triangle

Jarman 1889 p.260

East Gate spanned the roadway where the present 'Queen's Head' stands in Eastover. It is related that a wild beast show was once entering the town through this gateway when a large caravan containing an elephant became stuck and would go no further.

After several ineffectual attempts to get it loose the crown of the arch had to be removed in order to allow it to pass.

This caused the structure to become unsafe and after a short time it was removed. This occurred within the recollection of some of the oldest inhabitants now living.

Powell Later Days pp.192-193

As part of the Eastover Revels which was held in June, Eastover did not.... ... possess a mayor and corporation, but it grew to be a sort of annual joke to seize upon some popular man, frequently the landlord of one of the inns, and elect him a sort of mock mayor for the occasion.

A highly festive dinner was part of the programme, which was duly announced in the newspapers with all solemnity. At the feast, the Elected Mayor would be installed... it was the custom of the day to organise a great procession through the streets through which the mayor of the day was carried seated aloft in a chair gaily decked with laurels.

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