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Buildings of the Eastover Triangle
Research Activities of the Bridgwater Heritage Group

These webpages are placed here by the Bridgwater Heritage Group to aid Sedgemoor District Council in the preparation of the Eastover Supplementary Planning Document. In particular, they are here to inform the Issues and Options Consultation Paper. Digital images and text are ©BHG & Dr P E Cattermole August 2012 and may not be reproduced in electronic or printed form without permission. Please enquire here. Note that we have largely excluded the St John's Conservation Area at present. Frequent reference is given to the Somerset Historic Environment Record (HER) which may be consulted at this URL by entering the number associated with the picture.

Old pictures of the area

These are principally from the collections of the Blake Museum, and are supplied as copyright low resolution images which may be viewed and not printed.
Three postcards are from a private collection and may be viewed likewise but not printed.

Historical facts

Buildings and Structures of Interest in the Eastover Triangle

Street Furniture

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