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Eastover Burgage Plots
T B Dilks, Bridgwater Borough Archives, Somerset Record Society, transcribes two documents which make clear & precise reference to mediaeval burgage plots within Eastover.

A burgage was granted in the Community or Borough to its Burgesses. It is a plot of land which is long yet thin. In Bridgwater, a burgage plot commonly measures approximately 52 ft by 120ft or more; a half-burgage is similar length, but half the width (26 ft, more-or-less).

No 420 of 22 October 1386 relates to "unum dimidium burgagium ... vico voc, Estovere" (a half burgage in the street called Eastover). It was between the tenements of John Sydenham and that of the Master of the Hospital of St John. John Kedwelly, one of the witnesses to the deed, was Town Clerk.

Eastover half burgage
Another, No 1036 of 24 December probably 1480, to "vici vocati ibidem Estover videlicet inter dimidium burgagium meum" ( .. between my half burgage).
The position is given precisely in relation to the bank of the R.Parrett on the west and the Castlefield, where games were played.

Eastover half burgage 15th century

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