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Note: dates in italics are approximate
1375 - 1409Somer, Johnastronomer, mathematicianMerton, Oxford 1380
1525 -1581Charnock, ThomasalchemistStockland Bristol
1660 - 1741Allen, Johninventor, medicineFRS
1723dMorgan, Johnmedicine
17xxMoore, Johndissenting schoolmaster
1757-1845Anstice, Robertnatural historianFGS
1787-1853Baker, Williamnatural historianFGS
1772-1833Jennings, Jamesnatural historianHuntspill
1784-1855Crosse, AndrewphysicistFyne Court, Broomfield
1785-1854Bowen, Johnpolymath
1785-1853Clark, Johnpolymath
1793-1864Clark, Thomasbotanist
1838-1922Perceval, Spencer Jamesantiquary and geologist
1841-1891Gillo, Robertphotographer, zoologist, chemist
1853-1944Corder, Henryastronomer and polymath lecturer
1870-1940Thompson, Harold Stuartbotanist
1891-1970Barry, Thomas Hedleyindustrial chemist

There are also the Holland sisters each of whom was married to a chemist. Their father, William Holland, was a resident of Bridgwater, sometime Mayor, and lived in later years at The Lions. For further information see here and here.

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