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Mayoral Speeches
records.jpg - 28Kb
The speeches were professionally recorded on vinyl.
They have been transferred to digital media, and may be played online or downloaded.
Thanks are due to The Engine Room, Bridgwater for their help.

1959 21st May Mrs AB Potterton13.2Mb mp3 audio
1960 26th May Mr JG Headford28.5Mb mp3 audio
1961 25th May Mr AD Frost15.1Mb mp3 audio
1962 24th May Mr CW Milne 9.1Mb mp3 audio
1963 Mr GC Harris19.3Mb mp3 audio
1964 21st May Mrs BM Davis12.4Mb mp3 audio
1965 Mr LJ Porter no recording found
1966 Mr E J Davies42.3Mb mp3 audio
1967 25th May Mr LG Steer51.9Mb mp3 audio
1968 23rd May Mrs BM Davis12.4Mb mp3 audio
1969 22nd May Mr HJ Ayres56.8Mb mp3 audio
1970 21st May Mrs ME Rees56.7Mb mp3 audio
1971 27th May Mrs IAY Tester29.3Mb mp3 audio
1972 21st May Mr JHD Saunders39.6Mb mp3 audio
1973 24th May Mr JHD Saunders19.2Mb mp3 audio

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Safari will allow playing quickly whilst buffering takes place.
Firefox buffers the whole file, then plays.

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