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Bridgwater Blue Plaques

Phase Two March 2007

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Building listing details in the Somerset Heritage Environment Record (SHER) are shown as links in blue.
15 Friarn
15 Friarn Street
SHER 14873
15 Friarn detail
15 Friarn Street detail.
More information about Lord King
Arts Centre, Castle Street
SHER 14830
Arts Centre detail
Chandos Street Houses
SHER 14825
Chandos Street detail
Georges Inn, 34 St Mary St
Archaeological excavations of this site have turned up much of great interest about Bridgwater's past.
SHER 14942
Georges Inn, 34 St Mary St detail
Georges Inn, 10-12 George Street, erected 27 November 2008. Chris Scantlebury, Site Foreman, (left) and Peter Codner, Site Manager, (right) of Kewmoor Construction Ltd.

SHER 14878
The Lions House, West Quay
SHER 14986
The Lions House, West Quay detail
Northgate & Angel Crescent
Northgate & Angel Crescent detail
Isolda Parewastel in Clare St
Isolda Parewastel detail
More information.
6 Silver Street
SHER 14966
6 Silver Street detail
More information.
Thompson Brothers Mount Street
Thompson Brothers detail
The Water Gate, West Quay
SHER 11839/14984
The Water Gate detail
Unitarian Chapel, Dampiet St
SHER 14845
Plaque presented 2 March.
Unitarian Chapel detail

The East Gate, Cobblestones, Eastover
SHER 14850
Plaque unveiled by Mayor P Smeed on Friday 16 May 2008.
The East Gate, Cobblestones, Eastover detail
More information.

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