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Bridgwater Blue Plaques

Phase One December 2006

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Somerset Historic Environment Record (SHER) listing references are shown as links.

32 Friarn
32 Friarn Street
SHER 14931
32 Friarn detail
32 Friarn Street detail.
More information about this property.
Bond Street
SHER 14817
Bond Street detail
Chandos Street - Homecastle House
Chandos Street detail
Court House, Queen Street
SHER 14925
Court House detail
High Street
High Street detail
Horsepond Lane
SHER 14874
Horsepond Lane detail
Blake Street Lytil Mill
SHER 14816
Lytil Mill detail
St Mary Street - South Gate
SHER 14936
South Gate detail
West Gate, 33 Penel Orlieu
SHER 14921
West Gate detail

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