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Visit July 2015

The House in its protective scaffolding and temporary roof.

Details on the Main Facade

The section above the front door in a bad way.

Scroll corbel.

Decorative (strap?) work.

A lauging grotesque.

The grotesques surrounding an empty neiche. Two neiches once contained statues.

Cement scroll and decorative face, in a good state of preservation.

The left hand cement window frame, in a very bad state of repair.

Its corbel suitable unhappy about the situation.

The right hand window frame is in better condition.

Its face is broken though.

A reminder of the size of SAVE's task in conserving the building.

SAVE's experiment to repair a damaged section of wall decoration - centre - compare to the old decayed part of the left.

The Side Wall

The side wall was not decorated like the front. It is rubble constructed of red Wembdon sandstone, blue lias from the Poldens and yellow Ham stone, with the occassional brick. The materials (except the brick) are charastic of those of Bridgwater Castle and Castle House stands in its former south eastern corner.

Inside, it can be seen that the rubble sits on top of a large section of brick, indicating that the stone was simply reused, rather than representing an older building. The sheer quantity of rubble stone used in Castle House might indicate an older medieval or post medieval building was demolished in order to clear the site and was at hand for the builders in 1851.

The Roof and Garret

The front of the roof was covered in slate...

... but the back was Bridgwater tile. Note the television aerials.

The turret at the front once contained the spiral staircase to reach this garret.

Decoration at the front parapet.

A damaged face at the center of the parapet decoration.

The Repaired Rear Garret

A brick arch, holding up a concrete roof, covered (on the outside) by Bridgwater tiles.

The original concete roof portion.

The new concrete roof portion and skylight, part of SAVE's conservation work.

More rubble stone construction.

The Central Portion of the Building

The center of the building requires a lot of work.

Note the rubble and brick construction.

The Interior

The downstairs front room and fireplace.

Detail of the fireplace.

The staircase. Note the concrete skirting board.

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