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Bridgwater Castle

The Archaeology of Bridgwater Castle

Primary Documents
Mentions of the Castle in the Bridgwater Borough Archives, 1200-1366
Mentions of the Castle in the Bridgwater Borough Archives, 1445-1468
Mentions of the Castle in Published State Sources
Extracts from Pamphlets on the 1645 Storm of Bridgwater
Chapter 2 of Joshua Sprigg Anglia Rediviva, 1647.
Property Details of Castle House, 1735
1617 Survey of the Manor of Bridgwater Castle
Memories of Parker, 1877
Images of the Castle Watergate
Various Images relating to the castle
Bridgwater Port Survey, 1565 [external site]
Secondary Documents
Collinson's History of Somerset (1791)
The Chapel of St. Mark
The Great Hall

A select Bibliography for Bridgwater Castle

The Gatehouse Entry on Bridgwater Castle with useful Bibliography
The Somerset Historic Environment Record for Bridgwater Castle

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