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Bridgwater Maps
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stracheyplansm.jpg - 68Kb
Plan believed to be circa 1735
collection A P Woolrich
tithemap.jpg - 49Kb
Town Plan of ca. 1819
collection Mr J Stuckey
1824watersm.jpg - 42Kb
Contract drawing for town water supply of 1824
collection A P Woolrich
1835mapsm.jpg - 76Kb
Bridgewater showing new (red) and old (green) borough boundaries, as part of a set of four towns (the others are Frome, Taunton and Wells), 1835. The whole is plate LXXV published in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of England steel engraved by J. & C. Walker and drawn by Robert Creighton. The borough plans were produced by Creighton to illustrate the former and present boundaries of cities and boroughs in relation to the great Reform Act of 1832. Steel engraved. Hand coloured. Printed area 10in x 7½in (approximately) overall (four plans).
collection Dr P E Cattermole
1868mapsm.jpg - 49Kb
Ordnance Survey Parliamentary Boundary map of 1868
collection Dr P E Cattermole

Plan of the western side of the River Parrett.
Reproduced courtesy of Bristol Record Office RefNo.:31965[STG]/11, digitisation funded by the Blake Museum, Bridgwater

Later invaluable maps of Bridgwater, especially the Ordinance Survey 25 inches to the mile, can be found on the website of the National Library of Scotland. See, for instance, here.

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