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Sydney Gardnor Jarman

Jarman was born in Tiverton, Devon and worked as a newspaperman in Tiverton at the Tiverton Gazette. He moved to Bridgwater to edit the Bridgwater Gazette in 1871, then to St Ives, Huntingdonshire, 1890 to edit the Hunts County Guardian and finally to Wrexham in 1894 where he edited the North Wales Chronicle. He was active in civic life there, serving on the Borough Council. He was Mayor, 1913-1914 and 1914-1915, an Alderman, and JP. He was awarded the Freedom of the Borough.

He was chairman of the Liverpool District of the Institute of Journalists.

He married Mary Hooper (1859-1938). They had 5 sons. He died in 1949

He wrote a number of books on local history and topography:

A Visit to Cannington, Reprinted from the Bridgwater Gazette, 1881
A Handbook of St Mary's Church, Bridgwater, 1885
A History of Bridgwater, 1889 (see below)
The Village of Wood Hurst ... Reprinted from the Hunts County Guardian, 1889
The Bridgwater Infirmary: A record of its rise and progress, 1890.
Two Continental trips (Holland and Belgium), 1892
Trades and industries of Saint Ives. Reprinted from The Hunts County Guardian, 1893
The Village of Old Hurst ... Reprinted from The Hunts County Guardian, 1893
Notes on a Week in Belgium, 1894
The village of Gresford: past and present, 1902 and 1912
A Scamper through Belgium. The new L. & Y. route to the Continent ... Reprinted from the North Wales Guardian, 1906

Chapters from his History of Bridgwater, (1889)
A Editorial Introduction - Tony Woolrich, 2020
B Front Matter
I. Early Times 1
II. Under the Romans 4
III. The Danes 8
IV. The Norman Conquest 15
V. The Manor of Bridgwater (& St John's Hospital) 18
VI. The Castle of Bridgwater 26
VII. General History (1138-1300) 31
VIII. General History (1500-1620) 36
IX. Siege of Bridgwater 43
X. Local Coinage 57
XI. Drainage Works 60
XII. Admiral Robert Blake 63
XIII. General History (1650-1700) 73
XIV. The Battle of Sedgemoor 78
XV. The Bloody Assize 95
XVI. General History (1700-1800) 99
XVII. Bridgwater in the Eighteenth Century 106
XVIII. General History (1800-1840) 111
XIX. Railway Matters 119
XX. General History(1840-1860) 123
XXI. General History (1860-1889) 129
XXII. The Water Supply 139
XXIII. The Population 144
XXIV. The Volunteer Movement 146
XXV. The Political History 149
XXVI. The Borough Muniments 160
XXVII Bridgwater Journalism 171
XXVIII Freemasonry 175
XXIX. Friendly Societies 178
XXX. The River Parrett 198
XXXI. The Churches of Bridgwater 201
XXXII. Nonconformist Places of Worship 216
XXXIII. The Charities 229
XXXIV. Public Buildings and Institutions 223
XXXV. Proposed Ship Canal 240
XXXVI Miscellaneous Notes 244
XXXVIII. A Concluding Retrospect 259

Appendix 263
List of Subscribers 279

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