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Research Sites
Bridgwater Archives The Mayors and Town Council of Bridgwater since 1200 AD
Bridgwater Scientists Notable researchers
Lost Bridgwater Demolished and ruined buildings
Friarn Research Documentary sources and ongoing historic research
Tribute to Dr Peter Cattermole, March 2015
Ceremony at St John the Baptist: Baker, Bowen and cholera, September 2013
Conservation Surveys
The Eastover Triangle Information on Buildings and Structures August 2012
Town Centre Images of St Mary Street and Fore Street for Section 215 Heritage Open Days in Bridgwater 2012
Blue Plaques in the district
Ecology of the Durleigh Brook 2008 Project
Notes on Penel Orlieu
Features around Penel Orlieu Notes 2008
Papers on West Quay
Fore Street Comparison
Building Surveys
3 Blake Street An archaeological building report on a hidden Elizabethan Mansion. [11MB pdf file]. 2008 Exeter Archaeology, by permission
Materials relating to the Town Hall
Notes on Ivy House
Notes on the Blake Gardens Summer House
Notes on Houses in North Street
Structures in Old Pardoes, 7-9 King Square, now hidden
The Telescopic Bridge
Three houses in West Street
Notes on Castle House
Churches in Bridgwater and the Villages
Bridgwater St Mary's Grade I SHER 14945
Bridgwater St John's Grade II* SHER 12448
Catcott St Peter Grade I SHER 13712
Chilton Trinity Holy Trinity Grade II* SHER 16013
Langport All Saints Grade I SHER 51870
Meare St Mary Grade I SHER 27150
Wembdon St George Grade II SHER 15010
Notes on District War Memorials
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Friends of the
Blake Museum
Friends of the Wembdon
Road Cemetery
Bridgwater and District
Archaeological Society
Bridgwater and District
Civic Society
(Former) Shapwick
Heritage Group

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